Freebird's TAP Library

These TAPs are provided as freeware without any warranty and for use at your own risk.

TimeShiftGuard: for 5800 / 5810 Toppies.   Version 0.4   June 2019.
Traps program change keys (1-9, P+, P-, Recall and TV/Radio) during timeshift of live TV to prevent accidental buffer flushing.

Download: TimeShiftGuard

Version 0.4  Jun 2019
 Removed some debug clutter on serial port.

Version 0.3  May 2010
 Initial release.
TitleRename: for 5800 / 5810 Toppies.   Version 1.2   Apr 2020.
Removes "New:" from recorded titles in the archive to allow correct sorting.  Only tested with MyStuff version 6.6.
The tap parses "/ProgramFiles/Settings/MyStuff/MyStuff_RecordedInfo.dat" stripping "New:" from the beginning of any titles.
It can be run at boot as an autostart tap.   Alternatively, shutdown MyStuff, run it manually then restart MyStuff.

As a precaution, please backup MyStuff_RecordedInfo.dat before running for the first time.

NOTE: For autostart, you must load this TAP before the MyStuff TAP otherwise data corruption may occur.

Download: TitleRename

Version 1.2  Apr 2020
 Converted from TSR to Application mode.

Version 0.1  Feb 2017
 Initial release.