Freebird's TAP Library

These TAPs are provided as freeware without any warranty and for use at your own risk.

TimeShiftGuard: for 5800 / 5810 Toppies.   Version 0.3   May 2010.
Traps program change keys (1-9, P+, P-, Recall and TV/Radio) during timeshift of live TV to prevent accidental buffer flushing.

Download: TimeShiftGuard

TitleRename: for 5800 / 5810 Toppies.   Version 0.1   Feb 2017.
Removes "New:" from recorded titles in the archive to allow correct sorting.  Only tested with MyStuff version 6.6.
The tap parses "/ProgramFiles/Settings/MyStuff/MyStuff_RecordedInfo.dat" stripping "New:" from the beginning of any titles.
It can be run at boot as an autostart tap (it will exit after 30 secs).   Alternatively, run it manually then reload MyStuff data.

As a precaution, please backup MyStuff_RecordedInfo.dat before running for the first time.

NOTE: For autostart, load this TAP first and MyStuff last to allow edits to complete before MyStuff loads the recorded info file.
This configuration has run on both my Toppies (5800 and 5810) since February without any issues.

Download: TitleRename